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During the COVID-19 pandemic, I took my Pilates sessions online, starting up a YouTube channel that included different workouts which people could follow in their own time, along with daily live streams. I have found that, even with restrictions now lifted, many individuals favour the online format. You can join the Zoom link, connect to your Smart TV, and have me walking you through various Pilates exercises from the comfort and convenience of your living room. Recordings are also available, meaning you can practice in your own time.

For further information on my Pilates sessions over Zoom, get in touch or just keep reading for a full outline of what I do.


I offer six Pilates classes on Zoom every week which are available to anyone, costing €35 a month. Once you have signed up, you will receive a Zoom link and be able to join on any day that suits you. These classes are generally beginner level, with more advanced exercises available as well, and focus on areas such as strengthening muscle tone, improving core strength, and addressing tension in the back, shoulder, and neck area.

If you are a small group or an individual, I can also offer bespoke Pilates sessions that are tailored to you. Please contact me for more information.


Along with live Pilates classes over Zoom, I record all online sessions and make them available for clients to access at any time. We can have a brief consultation to discuss a particular Pilates exercise plan relevant to you. This could be a series of recordings that you can go over during a month-long period. I take time to ensure you receive precisely what you are looking for from a package. Many clients enjoy working in this way. Sometimes it can be hard to follow a Pilates class in real time from start to finish; my recordings mean that you can get through them at your own pace, in your own way.

Some of my Pilates packages for clients include but are not limited to:
Pilates for menopause
Pilates for back pain
Pilates for joint health
Pilates for increased mobility
Pilates for weight loss

Contact Me

Contact me if you have any questions about what I can help you with, or to arrange your first session. You can also schedule a call with me here.

Whether you are living with lower back pain, menopause, or just want to improve your mobility, my Pilates sessions and personal training can be tailored to your precise needs, whatever they may be, in-person in Galway or online.