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Bringing Pilates to Galway Since 1999

My name is Fiona O’Dwyer, and I have taught Pilates in Galway for 23 years, delivering a variety of treatments to both individuals and groups. All private sessions are adapted specifically to you and your needs, with me adjusting accordingly as we go along. This established body conditioning exercise can be used for a series of issues, such as menopause, back pain, injury rehabilitation, women’s health, or tight muscles. I work from two locations in Galway and also offer online sessions to those who prefer exercising from the comfort on their own home, offering a range of packages and recordings to suit individual requirements. My service also includes personal training.

To book your first session of Pilates in Galway or online, please click here to schedule a call, or send me an email through my contact form.

About Pilates

Pilates is a popular body conditioning exercise that involves a variety of movements designed to tone and rebalance your core muscles. While often used to rectify certain issues, like back pain, Pilates is essentially about making your body feel better overall, and is generally used as a supplement to other forms of exercise like resistance training.

To learn more about how Pilates works and its benefits, take a look at my About Pilates page for more information.



I offer one-to-one Pilates sessions to individuals who need help with a certain issue. We will discuss your specific condition, what you wish to get out of Pilates, ahead of coming up with an exercise plan going forward tailored to you.


Many prefer to practice Pilates in a group setting, and I offer a range of classes, running groups consisting of anywhere between three or 15 people. These sessions are more general than one-to-one Pilates, with an overall emphasis on toning muscles and stretching.


Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, many have found Pilates online to be extremely useful, and even preferable to in-person sessions. I run a number of zoom sessions every week, with recordings available for people to have and use at their own pace whenever they like. Various packages are available.


Along with Pilates in Galway, I am also a fully qualified Personal Trainer, offering personalised sessions for individuals, such as resistance training for women experiencing menopause.

Want to know more about my work as a PT? View my Personal Training page.

Pricing & Session Length

30 minutes – €25

45 minutes – €35

60 minutes – €45

Group Classes

€35 a month for online classes (up to six classes a week – all brand new classes each week)

Bulk bookings

I also offer a bulk discount of €400 for 10 one-hour sessions. Other bespoke deals are available. Please get in touch to discuss further.


I work from two separate locations in Galway:
Shelley’s Health & Beauty

Located on Upper Abbeygate Street, right in the middle of Galway City, this small cosy private studio is where I provide private sessions and small group sessions.

The Range

A recently developed, extremely modern space with large rooms that are ideally suited for bigger Pilates classes in Galway.

Want to know a bit more about how I came to be a Pilates teacher in Galway?
If so, head over to my Meet The Teacher page.

Contact Me

Contact me if you have any questions about what I can help you with, or to arrange your first session. You can also schedule a call with me here.

Whether you are living with lower back pain, menopause, or just want to improve your mobility, my Pilates sessions and personal training can be tailored to your precise needs, whatever they may be, in-person in Galway or online.