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Pilates Classes Personalised to You

If you are struggling with some kind of ache or pain, recovering from an injury and/or surgery, or need support for the effects of menopause, I offer in-person Pilates in Galway for both individuals and groups. Together we will work to relax and strengthen the muscles that have become tight over time, running through exercises at a pace that is comfortable for you and leave you feeling stronger in your core and with greater mobility.

Book a call or send me an email to arrange your first session of Pilates in Galway. If you have any questions before organising a session, don’t hesitate to get in touch over the phone.

Private Pilates Sessions

In our first session, we will go over the physical issues you’re facing, discussing any relevant medical history and undertaking a brief assessment, ahead of affirming what you wish to get out of our Pilates sessions together. The exact muscle groups that require work vary for everyone; you might be having troubles with your lower back, or perhaps your neck, so understanding what type of treatment suits you is my main priority ahead of us beginning the first exercise and constructing a plan that is tailored to your requirements.

Areas We Can Focus On

All private sessions are prescribed exclusively for you. The exact kind of Pilates varies from person to person.

However, some common treatment plans used with clients include:


Pilates has proven to be one of the most effective natural treatments available for back pain, particularly lower back pain. This is because the exercises involved address dysfunctional movements brought about by a stiff or restricted hip or pelvis. By retraining your body back into its normal movement patterns and improving the overall strength and control of the spine, we can remove the original source of the pain and enable you to move freely again.


The drop in oestrogen caused by menopause can negatively affect soft tissue around ligaments, joints, and tendons. Our work together, therefore, will revolve around using a Reformer to strengthen the muscles around these areas. Pilates is also naturally useful for the pelvic floor muscles, along with lifting your mood. We might use the weight machine and various PT exercises wherever appropriate.


I often provide Pilate in Galway for women who are pregnant or recently given birth. The exercises we do keep your body in a relaxed condition, strengthening your core and keeping your muscles in balance, which is so important for staying comfortable. It also serves as a chance to do something exclusively for yourself – another crucial thing for expecting mothers and those who are looking after new-borns.

Please note that my Pilates sessions are not just for women. I have helped so many men in the past to overcome different pains and recover from injury, including local professional rugby teams and other athletes.

Group Pilates Sessions

While private sessions are highly tailored, my group Pilates sessions in Galway follow a more standard formula whereby we focus on an area that everyone benefits from working on. This could be toning your muscles, addressing tightness or pain in the back, or simply helping you to feel more mobile. Sessions can involve anywhere between three and 15 people.

For groups of three, I work from my studio in Shelley’s Health and Beauty on Market Street. Larger group sessions take place once a week at The Range.

Many clients prefer doing Pilates exercises from their own home, as opposed to working in a studio. If this is the case for you, head over to my Online Pilates page.

Contact Me

Contact me if you have any questions about what I can help you with, or to arrange your first session. You can also schedule a call with me here.

Whether you are living with lower back pain, menopause, or just want to improve your mobility, my Pilates sessions and personal training can be tailored to your precise needs, whatever they may be, in-person in Galway or online.