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Personal Training in Galway & Online

Working With You To Achieve Your Goals

Having delivered Pilates classes for people of all ages over many years, I know that a concurrent personal training programme is fundamental to getting the best results. And as an experienced personal trainer in Galway, my role is to work with you to create a gym routine that you actively enjoy and lays a solid foundation for improved fitness, strength, flexibility, and longevity. We will make sure the PT regimen we agree on works perfectly in conjunction with any Pilates exercises we are doing as well.

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How I Work With You

I specialise in providing resistance training to women who are experiencing issues such as back pain, menopause, lack of flexibility, or those who are simply looking to improve their overall wellbeing. Resistance training involves the use of weights – lifting or pulling against resistance in order to build core strength and work specific muscle groups. Depending on the personal training plan we decide on, this could involve using dumbells, kettlebells, powerbands, or any other external resistance you feel comfortable with.

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Benefits of Resistance Training

Improved muscular strength, size & endurance

Improved cholesterol and decreased blood pressure

Reduce chances of sarcopenia (age-related decline in muscle)

More tone in your muscles & body

Improved sleep and relaxation

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Whether you are living with lower back pain, menopause, or just want to improve your mobility, my Pilates sessions and personal training can be tailored to your precise needs, whatever they may be, in-person in Galway or online.