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I have been a Pilate teacher in Galway since 1999, and during this time, I have seen the many ways in which this body conditioning exercise can help people of all ages with a variety of problems. This is a practice which, much like Yoga, focuses on the body and your breathing, only with a more Westernised emphasis. It can be adapted closely to you, with us either working on the mat or on a Reformer, which provides greater support.

See below to find out more about how Pilates works and the ways it can help you.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an extremely popular form of body conditioning that uses controlled movements – either on a mat or with the support of a Reformer – focused on increasing your flexibility, strength, and overall bodily awareness. It is an exercise that essentially focuses on strengthening your core through toe taps, leg extensions, abdominal curls, and other movements that tone the muscles and restore a sense of balance. One of its main benefits is its flexibility: there are so many routines we can do, depending on what you wish to get out of Pilates, and is suitable for all ages. Put simply, this established practice makes your body feel better.

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Benefits of Pilates


Many clients come to me with different aches, pains, or feelings of tightness. A common issue is back pain, particularly lower back pain, and Pilates support this issue through treating each vertebra as an individual bone, focusing on the sequencing of each bone on the spine and ensuring they remain in alignment, which naturally eases tension in this area. The same applies to areas like the neck, shoulders, or legs. 


Along with supporting your back and other muscles in the body, this body conditioning exercise notably enhances your mobility as well. The work we do in sessions is geared towards elongating and strengthening the muscles, toning them in the process. As a result, posture and body alignment improves, with you feeling more flexible and open by the end of each session.



Fundamental to Pilates, just like Yoga, is breath. The inhaling associated with extension movements of the spine, combined with the exhaling that comes through the engagement of abdominal muscles during bending movements, facilitates high-quality deep breathing, which in turn gives more nutrients to your muscles and greater presence of mind. This increased flow then translates into other body movements during daily life, such as walking up the stairs or lifting objects.

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Whether you are living with lower back pain, menopause, or just want to improve your mobility, my Pilates sessions and personal training can be tailored to your precise needs, whatever they may be, in-person in Galway or online.